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Pirita settled disputes concerning Länsimetro.


Länsimetro's reference is exceptional, as Länsimetro was the largest infrastructure, building technology and automation project in Finland. Länsimetro's reference is also exceptional, because Pirita was the only person who could settle these disputes (and also quickly). You can read Länsimetro's full reference below.


In the Nordic countries, Pirita has mediated several disputes with a monetary interest of more than 20 MEUR. Concerning the number of parties, the largest dispute has had 4 parties (17 persons present). Pirita has ended all of these disputes in one day and short preparation.


Pirita has also mediated such high-stakes international disputes, that rarely even exist in Europe. The largest dispute Pirita has mediated internationally had a monetary interest of 3 billion euros. Concerning the number of parties, the largest dispute has had 10 parties (more than 50 persons present). These disputes have been ended in one day and mediated together with the leading mediator in the U.S., Daniel Weinstein.

Pirita has settled all disputes she has mediated.

Mari Mannila

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Admistrative Director, Länsimetro

"Länsimetro used Pirita’s mediation in two separate disputes concerning station contracts for building a new metroline from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti in Finland. [--]

At first, we were a bit skeptical about Pirita’s mediation, as our previous experiences of both court mediation and private mediation were not good. [--]

Pirita’s mediation is different from other mediations. First of all, all risks and opportunites for success are converted into euros by using a specific risk analysis. The absolute positive side of the procedure is that there is practically no arguing with the other party about the disagreement itself and its details during the process. Everyone also prepares carefully for the mediation day. Unlike in other mediations, in Pirita’s mediation a mediator has an active role and Pirita uses all her efforts to bring parties closer together to settle the matter. One reason for a successful result was, that no attorneys were present in preparation or in the mediation day.  


I recommend Pirita’s mediation precisely because of the different approach it offers. Pirita’s mediation should be used right after the first negotiation attempts between parties have failed, the situation has escalated and disagreement between parties remains large. Pirita’s mediation worked in Länsimetro’s cases, although the situations were badly stuck because of too long negotiations and previously failed mediation attempts. The U.S. type of mediation offered by Pirita was a positive experience to Länsimetro."

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Joachim Lindholm

Head of Legal, Caverion

"Mediation with Pirita was a really good experience and changed my view on dispute resolution. I was very positively surprised, when we were able to resolve, e.g., a dispute that had been stuck over a year in negotiations in a mediation with Pirita, which mediation lasted for one day and a short preparation period. I have heard similar experiences from colleagues from other companies.

In addition to the U.S. type of mediation Pirita applies, Caverion has also experience from other types of mediation applied in Finland. These other types of mediation are very different from the method Pirita applies. Although they have also their sides, the method Pirita applies is more suitable for resolving business disputes between companies...

General Counsel, Jatke

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Tuukka Hämäläinen

General Counsel, Jatke

"I haven’t ever met a better mediator than Pirita or a better way for resolving disputes than the U.S. type of mediation.


Over the past 10 years, I have been resolving disputes. First at a law firm and then, in different construction companies. During this time, I have seen different ways of resolving disputes, of which the U.S. type of mediation offered by Pirita is clearly the best and most cost-effective.


Usually, I want to negotiate first on my own, but if negotiations do not result in a rational outcome, the U.S. type of mediation service offered by Pirita is the primary method I want to use to resolve a dispute. [--]

The mediation service offered by Pirita differs significantly from other mediation services in Finland..."

Outi Säntti

Head of Unit, City of Helsinki

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"I participated in Pirita’s mediation. The case involved 4 parties and there were 17 persons present in the mediation day. Nevertheless, Pirita mediated the case in one day and a short preparation.

From the management perspective, it is important that resources are used efficiently and this is emphasized in small organizations. Disputes take time from productive doing. I therefore think, that resources used for long negotiation processes and high legal costs can be largely avoided by using mediation.


If your organization has a disagreement, even if it would be at an early stage, I recommend contacting Pirita early. This way you’ll avoid long and expensive negotiation processes, and you’ll use your organization’s resources for a productive purpose."

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Miikka Keränen

Senior Legal Counsel, YIT

"Pirita successfully mediated a construction dispute for YIT. Because of Pirita’s mediation, YIT avoided cumbersome juridical proceedings.

When parties could no longer find ways to resolve a dispute, a mediation led by Pirita offered us a business-oriented, cost-efficient and quick process through which we were able to resolve the dispute before it would have ended up to a court.

My mediation experience with Pirita was very positive and also educational. A particular strength of the U.S. type of mediation process offered by Pirita is a short and comprehensive preparation period. [--]


I warmly recommend a mediation led by Pirita as a means of resolving business-disputes."

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Maria Parker

General Counsel, Taitokaari

"[--] Pirita’s process is quick, efficient and smart. Although getting a deal seems to be far away at first, Pirita guides parties to the right track and a solution is ready in a day.


Because parties need to prepare their own risk analysis before the mediation day and evaluate the success of their case taking into account evidence and other factors, this reduces the playing field of the actually disputed matters and a solution is quicker to negotiate. This is a win-win situation for all."

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Heikki Tanner

General Counsel, SVP, Are

"[--] Pirita guides parties to negotiate a dispute with a right and grounded level and prevents parties to hold an auction from their locked positions. Above all, Pirita's process is dynamic and gets parties moving.

[--] Every responsible company should try to solve their disputes in mediation.

In my opinion, there is a lot of unnecessary prejudice linked to mediation in Finnish business life. Pirita's mediation enrichens negotiations between the parties. Mediation is the only way to resolve disputes quickly and cost-efficiently.

I warmly recommend Pirita to everyone."

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Anders Wikman

Head of Legal, AFRY

"I had some doubts when I started mediation for the first time, but afterwards I have to say that I was wrong and I can only recommend mediation with Pirita. Of course, you need to do your homework and be prepared, but compared to litigation or arbitration it is an extremely cost-efficient and quick process"

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Kare Hyvärinen

Legal Manager Finland, Eltel Networks

"Eltel mediated an international dispute with Pirita and is very pleased with the mediation experience.

The disagreement between the parties had escalated and the biggest challenge was to get our counterparty to join the mediation procedure. Pirita had developed a way to involve foreign counterparties to join the mediation procedure, and thus, we handled mediation from the proposal stage onwards in cooperation with Pirita. [--]

In the future, I will use mediation early and try to avoid long negotiations. [--]

I also emphasize, that mediation Pirita applies differs from mediation known in Finland and in Europe...

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Rosanna Laurikainen-Klami

Legal Counsel, Turku Technology Properties

"Pirita successfully mediated a dispute for Turku Technology Properties in a situation where the actual project was still ongoing.


It was important for us to find a solution to the dispute so that the project could continue without distractions. However, before mediation, an amicable solution seemed to be unlikely. Despite of this, Pirita mediated the dispute effectively in a one-day mediation, and we found a solution suitable for both parties."

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