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Founding Partner, Mediator
Harvard Law School (LL.M.) and University of Turku Law School (OTM)

Pirita Virtanen founded the first commercial mediation firm in the Nordic countries, Private Mediator Ltd.

Pirita settled disputes concerning Länsimetro. Parties had negotiated for years and also tried another type of mediation, which failed. Pirita settled these disputes in two weeks' time frame, of which only one day was an actual negotiation day.

Länsimetro's reference is exceptional, as Länsimetro was the largest infrastructure, building technology and automation project in Finland. Länsimetro's reference is also exceptional, because Pirita was the only person who could settle these disputes (and also quickly). You can read Länsimetro's reference and other references here.

In the Nordic countries, Pirita has mediated several disputes with a monetary interest of more than 20 MEUR. Concerning the number of parties, the largest dispute has had 4 parties (17 persons present). Pirita has ended all of these disputes in one day and short preparation.

Pirita has also mediated such high-stakes international disputes, that rarely even exist in Europe. The largest dispute Pirita has mediated internationally had a monetary interest of 3 billion euros. Concerning the number of parties, the largest dispute has had 10 parties (more than 50 persons present). These disputes have been ended in one day and mediated together with the leading mediator in the U.S., Daniel Weinstein.
Pirita has settled all disputes she has mediated.


  • I founded the first commercial mediation firm in the Nordic countries. I settle disputes in a business-oriented structured negotiation process, which process is also a legal process. This type of mediation is different from other disputes resolution processes in Europe. I have settled all disputes I have mediated.

Disputes are usually claims for damages or dissagreements over the interpreation of a contracts, but they can be any kind of commercial dissagreements between companies or public entities.


For example, I have settled disputes concerning building Länsimetro. This is a new metroline in Finland. Länsimetro was the largest infrastructure, building technology and automation project in Finland. You can read about Länsimetro's reference and other references from the section References.

  • Before founding my own firm, I mediated some of the largest international disputes with the leading mediator in the U.S. and a pre-eminent mediator internationally, Daniel Weinstein. These disputes include:


  • a damages case worth over 3 billion euros. The case was mediated in one day.

  • a highly complex international securities breach case worth over 800 million euros. The case involved over 50 persons from 10 different corporations. The case was mediated in one day. 

  • an international intellectual property case worth over 500 million euros. The case was mediated in one day.

  • several class actions and other complex cases worth 100 - 500 million euros from the fields of consumer protection, construction and banking. The cases were typically mediated in one day. 

  • I am the first person from the Nordic countries having mediated at JAMS, the largest commercial mediation provider globally. At JAMS, I participated as a mediator in several commercial contractual disputes, insurance coverage disputes, engineering and construction disputes, a product liability dispute and intellectual property disputes. Further, participated as a mediator in several employment disputes, property disputes and a highly complex sexual harassment case. 

  • Before starting to mediate, I was a litigator and repsesented clients in one of the largest damages trials in Finland (the asphalt cartel litigation) for 7 years and in other complex litigaton and arbitration.

  • I also worked for CMI, a peace mediation organization founded by Finland's former president and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Martti Ahtisaari. At CMI, I participated in facilitating meetings of high-profile Iraqi actors developing a reconciliation strategy for Iraq – how Iraq could tackle problems concerning the rule of law, transitional justice and constitutional reform.

  • I completed a clerkship at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg assisting the Finnish judge of the court, Allan Rosas.

  • I am a graduate of the University of Turku Law School and Harvard Law School. At Harvard, focused on mediation, negotiation and leadership. For example, 


Kilpailuoikeudellinen vahingonkorvaus asfalttikartellituomion valossa [Antitrust Damages in Light of the Asphalt Cartel Judgment]. Publisher: Defensor Legis, 2014. 

  • A legal analysis of the Helsinki District Court's judgment in the precedent-setting Asphalt Cartel antitrust damages litigation. Co-authored with Toni Kalliokoski. 

  • The Helsinki District Court made reference to the article in the Timber Cartel antitrust damages judgment. 

  • The Finnish Bar Association granted the authors of the article a writing award and regarded the article as a particularly high level legal writing. The article was selected as one of the best articles of Defensor Legis in 2014. 

Korko kilpailunrajoituksella veloitetulle ylihinnalle - kuinka paljon rahaa on aika? [Interest to a Cartel Overcharge - How Much Money is Time?] Publisher: Defensor Legis, 2016. 

  • Financially, interest is often the most important legal question to be answered in antitrust cases.

  • Based on years of extensive research on interest, uncovering the general principles behind the Finnish Interest Act in calculating interest and how these principles should be applied when calculating interest to a cartel overcharge.  

Women Negotiating Peace - The Iran Nuclear Deal. Publisher: Harvard Law School, 2017.

  • Based on interviews of the leading women negotiators, including Ambassador Wendy Sherman, the U.S.'s leading negotiator in the Iran Nuclear Deal Negotiations and the 4th highest ranking person in the Obama administration, focusing on how to overcome barriers for women to be included in peace negotiations and how to use beneficially perceptions on women negotiators in negotiating peace agreements. 

  • Based on vast literature in negotiations, findings are transferrable to other male dominated environments. 



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