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Kare Hyvärinen

Legal Manager Finland, Eltel Networks

"Eltel mediated an international dispute with Pirita and is very pleased with the mediation experience.

The disagreement between the parties had escalated and the biggest challenge was to get our counterparty to join the mediation procedure. Pirita had developed a way to involve foreign counterparties to join the procedure, and we handled mediation from the proposal stage onwards in cooperation with Pirita.

Mediation took place in Finland and lasted for one day. Pirita set aside one week of her own time to prepare the case and lead parties through a preparation procedure. I used 3 days of my own time for preparation.


During these few days, we were able to end a year-long dispute.


The cost of mediation was also minimal.

I especially appreciated, that Pirita researched thoroughly the law and evidence relevant to the case, and as an objective third party, challenged my views of the case. This gave me a more realistic understanding of the case and of the monetary range, in which the case would be rational to settle from Eltel’s point of view.

In the future, I will use mediation early and try to avoid long negotiations. This way, I will save my own time and enable Eltel to negotiate better results, as our counterparties are forced to take the risks of their case seriously.

I also emphasize, that mediation Pirita applies differs from mediation known in Finland and in Europe. Mediation is a misleading term, as it accommodates a variety of activities.

Eltel warmly recommends mediation with Pirita to other companies as well."

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