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Reference from Caverion

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I am publishing recommendations this fall. The first one is from Caverion:

Mediation with Pirita was a really good experience and changed my view on dispute resolution. I was really positively surprised, when we were able to resolve, e.g., a dispute that had been stuck over a year in negotiations in Pirita's mediation that lasted for one day and a short preparation period. I have heard similar experiences from colleagues from other companies.

In addition to the U.S. type of mediation Pirita applies, Caverion has also experience from other types of mediation applied in Finland. These other types of mediation are very different from the method Pirita applies. Although they also have their sides, the method Pirita applies is more suitable especially for resolving business disputes between companies.

Pirita as a mediator and her method of resolving disputes are very clear, efficient and solution-oriented. Mediation with Pirita frees time from legal and business directors, so that this time can be used for customers and future activities, instead of using it and costs for processing past events. Caverion warmly recommends mediation with Pirita for resolving disputes.

Joachim Lindholm

Head of Legal, Caverion

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