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Mediation event with Rebecca Westerfield in Wintergarden was a success!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Mediation event "Insights and Advice from Leading Practitioners in Mediation" was a success!

Almost 100 general counsel, senior lawyers and insurance professionals discussed benefits of mediation for all and shared insights and advice of mediated cases of Finnish companies and some of the largest cases internationally.

Event's main speaker was one of leading mediators from the US, a successful mediator internationally and one of the first commercial mediators overall, Rebecca Westerfield. Rebecca is also a board member of JAMS, the largest commercial mediation provider in the world. Rebecca shared insights from thousands of cases she has mediated.

Our panel included Nokia's Senior VP, General Counsel of Nokia Technologies and Head of Litigation and IP at Nokia, Eeva Hakoranta, If's Head of Complex and International Claims, Rauna Irjala, If's International Claims Manager from London, Mike Freeman, and Wärtsilä's Managing Counsel, Asset, Dispute & Trade Management, Ralf Lindbäck.

I also shared insights, e.g., from mediation of a 3-billion-euro damages case, which I mediated with the leading mediator in the U.S. and a pre-eminent mediator internationally, Daniel Weinstein.

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