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Reference from Taitokaari

"I recommend Pirita Virtanen and her mediation process.

Pirita Virtanen has a lot of experience in mediation and her mediation process differs from mediation traditionally applied in Finland. She is a true professional. Pirita’s mediation process is also more suitable for business disputes than mediation process traditionally applied in Finland.

Pirita’s process is quick, efficient and smart. Although getting a deal seems to be far away at first, Pirita guides parties to the right track and a solution is ready in a day.

Because parties need to prepare their own risk analysis before the mediation day and evaluate the success of their case taking into account evidence and other factors, this reduces the playing field of the actually disputed matters and a solution is quicker to negotiate. This is a win-win situation for all."

Maria Parker

General Counsel

Taitokaari Property Management Oy

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