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Reference from Are

"Pirita has helped us to settle disputes which we haven’t been able to settle between the parties and a trial has seemed to be the only way to forward.

Pirita's mediation is a professional, quick and efficient way to resolve disputes. Pirita acknowledges legal questions and parties’ risk positions. Pirita guides parties to negotiate a dispute with a right and grounded level and prevents parties to hold an auction from their locked positions. Above all, Pirita’s process is dynamic and gets parties moving.

Parties keep the decision-making power in mediation, whereas in a trial a dispute is decided by an outside party after long and heavy proceedings. Every responsible company should try to solve their disputes in mediation.

In my opinion, there is a lot of unnecessary prejudice linked to mediation in Finnish business life. Pirita’s mediation enrichens negotiations between the parties. Mediation is the only way to resolve disputes quickly and cost-efficiently.

I warmly recommend Pirita to everyone."

Heikki Tanner

General Counsel, Senior VP, Are

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