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Reference from City of Helsinki

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

"I am the Head of Urban Development Unit at the City of Helsinki. I view mediation from leader’s perspective.

I participated in Pirita’s mediation. The case involved 4 parties and there were 17 persons present in the mediation day. Nevertheless, Pirita mediated the case in one day and short preparation.

The primary advantage of mediation is its quickness. From the management perspective, it is important that resources are used efficiently and this is emphasized in small organizations. Disputes take time from productive doing. I therefore think, that resources used for long negotiation processes and high legal costs can be largely avoided by using mediation.

Disputes are not at the heart of any organization’s operational activities. The organizational resources used for long negotiation processes and litigation have their price. By using mediation at an early stage, resources of every organization could be used for the right purpose, i.e., for advancing that company’s business.

I also appreciated, that in mediation, organizations negotiated the outcome themselves. Thus, the outcome did not come as given, but I was able to influence the outcome.

If your organization has a disagreement, even if it would be at an early stage, I recommend contacting Pirita early. This way you’ll avoid long and expensive negotiation processes, and you’ll use your organization’s resources for a productive purpose."

Outi Säntti

Head of Unit, City of Helsinki

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