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Private Mediator Oy, April 2018 

Mediator, Founder and CEO of the first full-time mediation and negotiation practice

in the Nordic countries. Ending disputes through mediation. Educating board

members, lawyers and diplomats in negotiation skills based on my Harvard education.

Working in the Nordic countries and internationally. Simultaneously, mediating with

the leading mediator in the U.S. and a preeminent mediator internationally, Honorable Daniel Weinstein. My success rate is over 95 %.

JAMS, San Francisco, September 2017 – February 2018

Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship at JAMS, the largest private alternative dispute resolution provider in the world. Learned the best practices of commercial mediation from JAMS’ prestigious and extremely experienced mediators and developed relationships in the fields of mediation, negotiation and international dispute resolution in the United States. Participated as a mediator in over 30 complex disputes at JAMS, including a case worth 800 million euros and involving over 50 people from 10 different corporations. Mediated this and several other cases with the U.S.’s leading mediator Honorable Daniel Weinstein.


Dittmar & Indrenius Attorneys Ltd., Helsinki, June 2012 – May 2017

Advised clients in dispute resolution, EU law and in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters. Represented clients in the first precedent-setting antitrust damages court cases in Finland as the youngest lawyer involved. These cases are the largest damages proceedings in Finland's legal history. In addition, pro bono work for and joint activities with Crisis Management Initiative, a peace mediation organization founded by Finland’s President and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Martti Ahtisaari.


During the time at Dittmar & Indernius, received training in mediation and negotiation for example from Scotland Yard’s former lead hostage negotiator, Mr. Richard Mullender, who has also trained UN officials and the Indian Secret Service. In addition, held various negotiation and mediation trainings to others.


Crisis Management Initiative, Helsinki, September 2014 – February 2015

Visiting lawyer at Crisis Management Initiative (“CMI”), a peace mediation organization founded by Finland’s President and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Mr. Martti Ahtisaari.  Advised CMI in all aspects of legal work and helped CMI to launch good contractual and employment policies. Developed mediation methods at CMI and participated facilitating Iraq’s reconciliation strategy process.


Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg, September 2012 – February 2013

A clerkship with the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, assisting the Finnish member of the Court, Judge Allan Rosas. Drafted judgements, prepared notes and research tasks, participated in oral hearings.


Dittmar & Indrenius Attorneys Ltd., Helsinki, May 2010 – May 2011, September 2011 – May 2012

Intern at one of the major business law firms in Finland, full-time during summer and part-time during the academic year. Represented clients in the precedent-setting antitrust damages court cases mentioned above.


Office of the Chancellor of Justice, Helsinki, June 2011 – August 2011

Experience in supervising the legality of the actions of government ministers and public officials. Monitoring the implementation of constitutional rights and liberties and human rights.


Vammalan Seudun Osuuspankki, Vammala, May 2007– April 2010

Assistant Legal Counsel at a branch of the OP-Pohjola Group, Finland’s largest financial services group, full-time during summer and part-time during the academic year.  



Harvard Law School, Master of Laws, 2016–2017

Concentration: international dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation, dispute systems design, diplomacy) and leadership


  • Harvard Graduate Grant

  • Rotary Global Grant, "Peace Scholarship", the first individual Global Grant from Finland

  • Finlandia Foundation’s scholarship

  • Finnish Bar Association’s scholarship              


Positions of trust: Vice-President, Harvard European Law Association; Board Member, Harvard Law Women’s Law Association


Activities: YesEuropeLab (a network of young European leaders at Harvard aiming to save the European project) and Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program ( During this program, I designed a conflict resolution framework for the conflict in Syria ( This framework was created for a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, the Public International and Policy Group.


Thesis: Women Negotiating Peace – The Iran Nuclear Deal. I received the highest grade of my thesis. In my thesis, I examined 1) barriers women face in being involved in peace talks and how to overcome these barriers, 2) features women peace negotiators either poses or are perceived to poses that distinguish them from their male counterparts; and 3) how can these features or perceptions be used beneficially in negotiating peace agreements.


University of Turku, Master of Laws and Bachelor of Laws, 2006–2012


  • The best student of the class

  • Award for Academic Excellence and Extra-Curricular Achievement, the highest academic award for a student

  • Award for Academic Excellence and Especially Distinguished Service for the Benefit of Law Students

  • Medal of Honor and Badge of Honor, Law Students' Association Lex ry

  • Scholarship of Fanny Palmén’s Fund, a scholarship for an outstanding woman to support her academic studies and activities for the public good


Positions of trust:

  • Board Member, University of Turku

  • Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, student law review Acta Legis Turkuensia of the University of Turku Law School

  • Board Member, University of Turku Law School

  • Board Member, Law Students' Association Lex ry

  • Teacher and Member of the Management Team, law school entrance examination preparatory course LexKurssit. Etc.




Virtanen Pirita: Korko kilpailunrajoituksella veloitetulle ylihinnalle – kuinka paljon rahaa on aika? [Interest to a Cartel Overcharge – How Much Money is Time?] Defensor Legis 3/2016, p. 364–383.


Kalliokoski, Toni – Virtanen, Pirita: Kilpailuoikeudellinen vahingonkorvaus asfalttikartellituomion valossa [Antitrust Damages in Light of the Asphalt Cartel Judgment]. Defensor Legis 1/2014, p. 29–46.


Helsinki District Court made reference to the article in the Timber Cartel antitrust damages judgment. The Finnish Bar Association regarded the article as a particularly high level legal writing and granted the authors of the article a writing award. The article was selected as one of the best articles published in the Finnish Bar Association's law journal Defensor Legis in 2014.


Lectures: I have given various lectures on mediation, court procedure, antitrust damages, law of obligations and legal history.


(after graduation)


Board Member, the Finnish Association for European Law, 2015 – present


Secretary, the Finnish Association for European Law, 2014–2016


Academic writing award, granted by the Finnish Bar Association for one of the best articles published in the Finnish Bar Association's law journal Defensor Legis in 2014

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