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Länsimetro's reference

Updated: Jan 18

Länsimetro used Pirita’s mediation in disputes concerning contracts for building a new metroline from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti in Finland. Parties had tried to negotiate disputes for a couple of years. Before using Pirita’s mediation, we also used an expert-based mediation procedure, but without success. Parties had engaged their own personnel and external attorneys for solving disputes. Previous negotiation and mediation attempts had only made situations worse.

We decided to use Pirita’s mediation as a last resort. The procedure seemed to be different from other procedures in the market, which is why de wanted to see one more time if we could settle the matter without going to court. At first, we were a bit skeptical about Pirita’s mediation, as our previous experiences of both court mediation and private mediation were not good. We doubted a little what the new procedure offered by Pirita could bring in terms of solving the case

Pirita’s mediation is different from other mediations. First of all, all risks and opportunites for success are converted into euros by using a specific risk analysis. The absolute positive side of the procedure is that there is practically no arguing with the other party about the disagreement itself and its details during the process. Everyone also prepares carefully for the mediation day. Unlike in other mediations, in Pirita’s mediation a mediator has an active role and Pirita uses all her efforts to bring parties closer together to settle the matter. One reason for a successful result was, that no attorneys were present in preparation or in the mediation day.

I recommend Pirita’s mediation precisely because of the different approach it offers. Pirita’s mediation should be used right after the first negotiation attempts between parties have failed, the situation has escalated and disagreement between parties remains large. Pirita’s mediation worked in Länsimetro’s cases, although the situations were badly stuck because of too long negotiations and previously failed mediation attempts. The U.S. type of mediation offered by Pirita was a positive experience to Länsimetro.

Mari Mannila

Director for Administration, Länsimetro

Kuva: M. Partanen.

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